Take Your Food Prep Skills to the Next Level

Take Your Food Prep Skills to the Next Level

We sell kitchen knives in Amarillo, Bushland and Lubbock, TX

If your knives are dull, you can have trouble preparing meals. Whether you're a parent who cooks for your family or a top chef in a restaurant, you can benefit from purchasing top-of-the-line knives from The Knife Guys. We sell kitchen knives from all major makers, along with cutting knives, box knives, throwing knives and collectible knives.

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Personalize your hunting knife

The Knife Guys in Amarillo, Bushland or Lubbock, TX can custom-engrave your hunting knife. Whether you got your knife as a gift or it's been passed down through generations, you can count on our team to engrave it with a unique design. We can even sharpen your knife if it needs a new edge. Rely on us to prepare you for your next hunt.

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