Passing through on a road trip and saw a sign at the side of the highway so we decided to check them out. Lynn was quick to offer assistance and proved to be incredibly knowledgeable. She sharpened a spiderco blade for us and even took the time to get a knick out of the blade that we hadn't been able to take care of. She took the time to explain the differences between some of the steels and helped us select a couple of great pieces. She definitely understands the value of customer service and her execution of it was on point.
Prices seemed reasonable and our only complaint was being too far from home to plan on going back with any regularity.
Overall it was a great experience in which we left feeling good about the money we spent. We will definitely go back the next time we find ourselves passing through.

Sonya F

Headed to hunt elk with my brother in Arizona and needed my knives sharpened. Stopped at the Bushland location right off I-40. Phil was friendly and efficient. He sharpened all my knives, including two pocket knives. I was back on the road in no time. Go see him if you are in the area.

James Thompson

Great place for everyone from seasoned knife collectors to frat-boy mall ninjas. Don't forget though, it's a mall store, and they don't hire the most knowledgeable people. They're very polite, though. The older gentleman will talk knives with you, and certainly seems to know his stuff. Definitely worth a visit.

Patrick Wetherington

Unbelievably friendly staff. She asked what I wanted in a knife and how much I wanted to spend then took about 30 minutes showing me every single knife they have that met those requirements. The prices are very comparable to what I saw on amazon so I went ahead and bought there.


Needed a small screw for my Husky, replaceable blade knife. They had it and charged me nothing. I will go back for all my needs.

Lanny Covey

Great place, costs a little bit more but I'm proud to support them! Super friendly people! One guy was a little upselling but I didn't mind as it is a business after all

David Fackler

Really friendly customer service and an awesome selection of knives and swords. They have really good prices and a really friendly atmosphere.

Cadance Pound